Andover Airfield - Highways Agency still concerned.
25 Aug 2007
Sir George wrote to the Highways Agency, who have responsibility for the A303, asking whether they were satisfied that the road would be able to cope, were the planning consent for the megashed on Andover Airfield to go ahead.

In the reply to Sir George, the Divisional Director of the Highways Agency, Gwyn Drake, said that "the net impact of the development over the existing outline consent is still being established. The Highways Agency is concerned to ensure that the operation of Trunk Road Network will not be adversely affected particularly on the A303 Eastbound, where traffic may diverge fort the A343 junction. We have informed Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council of our concerns in this respect."

Commenting on the letter, Sir George said it was clear that there was no "done deal" on the A303 and the developers still had to convince the authorities that the road had the capacity to cope.
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