STOPP Campaign goes to Abbotts Ann Fete
1 Sep 2007
Sir George with Peter & Liz Derbyshire
Sir George with Peter & Liz Derbyshire
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The campaign to persuade Test Valley Borough Council to turn down the planning application for a Megashed on the airfield moved to one of the villages in the front line - Abbotts Ann.

Peter & Liz Derbyshire briefed Sir George on the progress being made.

"What has struck me has been the silence of those who support the scheme - there don't seem to be very many of them around."

Sir George said he was disappointed to read the comments of Matthew Parris in the Times. "I didn't hear the clip on the radio that Matthew referred to; but, unlike him, I have been at all the meetings. What struck me about the one at John Hanson School was the diversity of accents at the meeting, and it was simply not the case that it was just posh people from the villages who were worried. people were worried about the impact on local services, and on the future of the town."
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Next news: Abbotts Ann hold Fete & Show

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