400 more car parking spaces for local stations, MP is told
21 Sep 2007
Andover Station Car Park
Andover Station Car Park
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Sir George Young has been campaigning for extra car parking spaces on the four South West Trains stations in his constituency – Grateley, Andover, Whitchurch and Overton.

”Many people want to travel by train, but find the car park is full when they get there. This is deeply frustrating, and means that many unnecessary journeys are made by car. I recently wrote to the Managing Director of South West Trains asking for plans.

In his reply, Stewart Palmer told me that they have plans for 2,000 car parking spaces across their network as a whole, with plans for some 400 spaces at the 4 stations in North West Hampshire coming on stream during 2008 and 2009.”

Sir George was told that 3 of the schemes for more spaces at Grateley, Whitchurch and Overton rely on the successful purchase of land; whilst that at Andover relies on a multi-storey build. South West Trains are addressing the planning and commercial problems involved with these schemes, and have promised to keep Sir George in the picture.

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