Hampshire Farmers' Market comes to Weyhill
11 Jun 2000

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The Hampshire Farmers Market came to Weyhill on June 11th. On the right, representing Penton Grafton Council – owners of the fairground where the market took place – was Louis Atkinson; on Sir George’s right Mike Smales of the Hampshire NFU, and on the far left County Cllr Michael Woodhall - with Jonathan the Jester from Salisbury in the background.
“These farmers’ markets are very popular with customers - Weyhill Fairground was very busy indeed – and for some farmers the income from the markets enables them to keep going.” Weyhill Fairground has recently been restored – it is a listed building – and was being used for the purpose for which it was originally designed hundreds of years ago.
Produce sold at the market ranged from eggs, flowers, bacon, honey and strawberries.

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Next news: Stocking up at the Farmers' Market

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