Sir George pledges support to improve services for older people in North West Hampshire
17 Oct 2007
Sir George signs WRVS petition
Sir George signs WRVS petition
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Sir George signed up to an initiative launched by older people’s charity WRVS to improve support for older people in North West Hampshire so they can live independently in their homes and stay active in their community.
He was one of 15 MPs who took part in a WRVS event at the House of Commons on Tuesday 16th October to promote improving the range and quality of support open to older people throughout the country.

“The work that WRVS does in North West Hampshire is vitally important but we all need to do more to enable older people in our community to have the support they need, when and where they need it. I’m committed to helping WRVS and other organisations in North West Hampshire to link up together and achieve this in the future.”

The aim of the event was to engage the support of MPs throughout the country to develop the services that WRVS provides to older people and help them create better partnerships in the future. MPs were able to meet WRVS volunteers and staff who work on the ground and talk to some of their partners like local authorities, the NHS, other voluntary organisations and private companies about how they can improve services for older people in the future.

WRVS is a nationwide charity with over 56,000 volunteers helping older people to live independently in their home and stay active in their community. WRVS provides a community transport scheme in the area and runs Meals on Wheels in Andover and is always looking to work with other organisations to extend the support we provide to older people.

Lynne Berry OBE, WRVS Chief Executive said “WRVS volunteers already make a big difference in Hampshire but we want to do a lot more and we really appreciate the support of Sir George to look at what partnerships we can develop in the future.

1. WRVS has been helping people in Britain for over 65 years. Originally set up as the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service in 1938, the charity played a crucial role during the Second World War. Whilst keeping the same values of community service, WRVS has now focused its work on helping older peoplek to remain independent and get more out of life. WRVS is one of the largest voluntary organisations in Britain with over 56,000 men and women helping people in their homes, the community, hospitals and in emergencies. For more information on WRVS please visit
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