Lighterlife raises funds for Renal Unit
16 Nov 2007
Amanda  Brooks Howard & Sherry Golding GY Ruth Williams Keith Allen
Amanda Brooks Howard & Sherry Golding GY Ruth Williams Keith Allen
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Howard Golding's story led the local paper - the Andover Advertiser - the day Sir George met him at the premises of Lighterlife. (For full story, see extract from Andover Advertiser below)

"Howard has lost several stone, so he could donate one of his kidneys to his wife Sherry. Although he has discovered his kidney is the wrong type, he is still planning to donate it to save someone else's life."

Lighterlife held a ball at the Clubhouse of Andover Rugby Football Club last weekend, and raised £1000 for the Wessex Renal Unit at Portsmouth Hospital. Sir George handed the cheque over to Sherry, who is being treated there. He met Amanda Brooks, who runs Lighterlife in Andover with Howard and Sherry, and two other clients of Lighterlife who are on their programme - Ruth Williams and Keith Allen.

Andover Advertiser November 16th.
A 23 stone, Andover man was told to lose 10 stone - to be able to donate a kidney to his wife.
Howard Golding, from Longstock Close, had wanted to lose weight.
But when his wife suffered kidney failure last year and was told she would need a transplant it was the kick-start he needed to shed the pounds.
Sherry was rushed to hospital in June 2006 after suffering an aortic dissection - a tube carrying blood around her body split in two leaving only half of her body being given enough blood.
Doctors managed to repair the tube but as a result of chilling her body for the operation both her kidneys, initially, failed.
Later one of her kidneys began working but not to full strength and Sherry now needs a kidney transplant to lead a normal life again.
Howard, aged 42, explained: "I thought if there was one thing I could do for my wife it was give her my kidney."
He began an intensive diet to lose weight - a necessity before any kidney donor operation he was told - and today weighs about 18 stone.
But tragically Howard has now been told his kidney isn't the right match for Sherry although he still plans to donate a kidney.
"Sherry really is my inspiration and it was gutting to find out I couldn't give her my kidney but because of her I'm still going ahead with the plan," he said. "When I was at my biggest I was morbidly obese and at the moment I'm just obese," he said.
"But I'm determined to lose the weight so I can give my kidney to someone who needs it.
"It's the drive I need to keep focused on losing weight and getting healthy."
To become a kidney donor Howard needs to weigh just under 13 stone.
Sherry, aged 43, who has been married to Howard for nearly 22 years, is now on the NHS waiting list for a kidney transplant.
"I'm so proud of Howard," she said. "I was overwhelmed by him wanting to do this for me," she added.
Howard has been following the Lighterlife diet and meets regularly with other men wanting to lose weight.
"The classes have been brilliant and they have given me and Sherry so much support," he added.

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