Highways Agency set out position on Megashed
20 Nov 2007
Sir George has asked the Highways Agency, who have responsibility for the A303, whether the road could cope with the traffic likely to be generated by the Megashed proposed for Andover Airfield, were it to get consent.
This is the reply he has received.

The Rt. Hon Sir George Young Bt,MP
2 Church Close

Dear Sir George Young

Development at Andover Airfield and A303

Network Strategy Division – South
Manton Lane
Bedford MK41 7LW

14 November 2007

Thank you for your letter of 10 October and attached email concerning the development at Andover Airfield and the impact on the A303 traffic.

We are currently reviewing the implications of the amended planning application, and. once complete, we will respond formally to .Test Valley Borough Council on the application.

If we conclude that the traffic impacts of the development on the Trunk Road are unacceptable, even allowing for mitigation by the developer, we will have to consider directing the planning authority in accordance with Departmental Circular 02107 'Planning and the Strategic Road Network' which the Department for Transport published earlier this year.

I will, in due course, ensure that you receive a copy of our formal response to Test Valley Borough Council.

Yours sincerely

Gwyn Drake
Divisional Director

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Next news: Sir George goes into battle on Aircraft Noise

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