Highways Agency replies to Sir George on A303 and the Megashed
28 Nov 2007
In response to Sir George’s request for a meeting to discuss the capacity of the A3030 to cope with the proposed Tesco Megashed, Sir George has received the reply below.
Sir George says “As I read this, it would seem they are some way off coming to a view on this.”

Highways Agency
Network Strategy Division - South Woodlands
Manton Lane
Direct Line: 01234 796241
Fax: 01234796013
27 November 2007

Dear Sir George


Thank you for your letter dated 19 November seeking a meeting to discuss the Agency's handling of the application(s) associated with Andover Airfield.
As for any development application affecting or likely to affect the trunk road network, the applicant is required to deliver an appropriate Transport Assessment, which the Agency can then 'interrogate'. The process which we undertake are set out in various documents - most notably in the following:-
• DfT Circular 02/07: Planning and The Strategic Road Network
• DfT Guidance on Transport Assessment (March 2007)
Both of these documents were updated and published earlier in the year and hence both are the latest update on 'policy'.
As part of the assessment of Transport /traffic impact we are in discussion with the developer and/or his consultants about how the traffic impact could be reduced to a level which we might find acceptable (i.e. mitigation by whatever means, such as the travel planning measures). This is still very much 'work in progress'.
I think it would be prudent to allow this work to be completed prior to any meeting. That said, I will write again once I know the broad indication of the likely way forward.
I hope this helps; I am also taking the liberty of responding to you in 'e' format so that I can attach 'e' copies of the above two documents.
Yours sincerely

Gwyn Drake
Divisional Director

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