John Bercow MP addresses local Tories
16 Jun 2000

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The Conservative Policy Forum Supper Club met at the home of Cllr John Clegg at Burghclere, to listen to John Bercow, Conservative MP for Buckingham. John Bercow, on the right, is joined for supper by Christopher van der Noot, far left, Chairman of North West Hampshire Conservatives, his wife Liliana; Margaret and Tony Wicks; and Lady Young.
John Bercow, a Front Bench spokesman on Education and Employment, criticised the Government for going back on pre-election commitments and undermining grammar schools, and commended parents in Ripon for voting to retain their grammar school. He said that, while he defended the rights of parents to educate their children privately out of post-tax income, the Conservative Party had to focus on driving up standards in the state sector. This task had been made more difficult by the deluge of regulations from the DFEE to individual schools. He also hoped that schools might be able to spend more time on sports.
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