Sir George backs No Smoking Day
7 Mar 2008
Hampshire's Stop Smoking Service - run by the local Primary Care Trust - invited Sir George to the Propaganda Music Canteen at 10 London Street to launch "Quit4Life".

"Next Wednesday - March 12th - is No Smoking Day. It is also Budget Day, when the Chancellor may push up the price of smoking. Anyone who would like to stop should ring 08456024663 - and they can be booked in to a session at Propaganda Music Canteen on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday."

Sir George met a number of constituents who had joined and quit. "One single mum found her children were coming back from school with a strong health message - and that helped persuade her. Another was told by his wife to stop smoking and donate the savings to Guide Dogs for the Blind. Both needed some professional help from the team in order to give up."

Sir George heard that roughly 70% of those who came on the course quit, and the rest cut back on their consumption.

Sir George said he gave up smoking when he was at University, and had enthusiastically supported recent legislation banning smoking in public places. "People now find it perfectly normal to go into a pub and not be overwhelmed by the smoke - indeed most prefer it that way."

"Despite recent progress, smoking remains the number one cause of avoidable premature death in the UK."
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Next news: Sir George demands better parking at local railway stations

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