What did you cost the taxpayer last year?
1 Apr 2008
See Parliament, FAQ for October 27th 2007, April 1st 2006 and November 1st 2005 on this website for the 3 previous years (04/05, 05/06 and 06/07)

The provisional figures for last year 07/08 were as follows, with (06/07) in brackets. Tables showing detailed expenditure are now on the website.


Parliamentary salary £75,077 (£73,226)
On April 1st 2007, MP's Salaries were £61,181 and Select Committee Chairmen were paid an additional £13,571. (I am Chairman of the Select Committee on Standards & Privileges)
On November 1st 2007, salaries went up to £61,820 and £13,713 respectively.
The year-on-year increase in my salary for the year that ended on March 31st 2008 was 2.52%.


The Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP) was £12,000 (£16,270), but see Communications Allowance below.
The largest item was rent for my constituency office in Andover, £5,100. The second largest was my subscription of £3,877 to the Parliamentary Resources Unit.
After those, major items were: Blackberry costs £597: Printer cartridges £378: Insurance £215: and overprinting of stationery £136.
Telecommunication costs, principally from my Andover office, totalled £1,468.

Maximum claimable for 2007/8 £21,339.
Receipts have been provided for every item.


The Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) was £23,083 (£22,110)

My main home is in my constituency and this relates to the costs of my flat in Regency Street in London. (The expenditure incurred was higher at £24044, but the ACA is capped at £23,083.)
The two largest items of expenditure were mortgage interest £17,147 (£17,147), and service charges £3,066 (£3,062). Council tax was £1,136 (£1,098). Electricity costs were £385 (£626), Telephone and broadband £374 (£372), Contents Insurance £68 (£68) and Food £190 (£165). Cleaning costs were £1267 and repairs ££275.
Receipts have been provided for every item claimed, apart from cleaning and food.


Staff Salaries, including tax and national insurance, were £82,939. (£82,922) This covers one full time member of staff in the House of Commons - my daughter Camilla - and three part-time Members of Staff in the constituency. This latter figure is reducing to two as from April 1st.
The costs include holiday cover. Salaries are paid direct to staff by the Directorate of Finance and Administration (DFA), with whom approved employment contracts have been lodged.
Maximum £90,505.


My car travel costs were £1974(£3,060). Mileage costs are reimbursed at 40 pence per mile for the first 10,000 miles, and 25 ppm thereafter. Each journey was accounted for to the DFA. I do not claim the 20 ppm for my bicycle journeys.
Costs of rail travel (£1,585) will be published when available from the House authorities.
I did not travel by air or to Europe using Parliamentary allowances.


These will be published when available from the House authorities.


Last year, Parliament voted to introduce a new Communications Allowance of £10,000 pa. I spoke and voted against this and said I would not claim it. However, some expenditure previously claimed against the IEP now has to be claimed against the Communications Allowance.
Expenditure in 07/08 was £2,130, comprising £1184 for costs relating to my Advice Bureaus; £446 for website related costs; and £500 for the annual contract for the Case Management system used for managing constituents' emails and correspondence.

To see previous years' claims, and how they relate to the average claim for all MP's, see http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/george_young/north_west_hampshire#expenses

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