Another North Hampshire Pub closes - but is now re-opening
31 May 2008
The Royal Oak, Ecchinswell
The Royal Oak, Ecchinswell
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The Royal Oak in Ecchinswell is the latest in a line of pubs in North West Hampshire to close its doors.
"This was a popular village pub; and, althought the ceiling was too low for me to stand up in it, I enjoyed looking in from time to time. I am sorry that its doors have closed, and have pledged my support to the committee established in the village that is trying to have it re-opened"

"My view is that, while social patterns are changing, there are opportunities for village pubs to develop new markets and to flourish. I will do what I can to help the Royal Oak find its feet again."


Following a village meeting on May 16th, The Chief Executive of Enterprise Inns was approached, and the pub is re-opening on June 3rd.

"This is geat news - and i know that the village will support the decision to re-open the pub by using it.
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