Sir George launches Hospital Shuttle Bus
6 Jun 2008
GY & Martin Wakeley
GY & Martin Wakeley
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Martin Wakeley outside the Bus
Martin Wakeley outside the Bus
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Transport between Andover and Winchester Hospitals has been made easier by the introduction of a free bus service.
Four return trips will be made each weekday, mainly for those attending hospital appointments, but also for those visiting.
The bulk of the cost of the service is being born by the Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare Trust, with contributions from Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.
The bus can take two wheelchairs, and those needing the service should book (01428 751530)

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive of the Trust, Martin Wakeley, said it was hard evidence of the Trust's commitment to Andover.

Sir George referred to the lively public meeting held in the Baptist Church in August 2005 om the future of the hospital.
"One of the points that emerged from that meeting was the need for improved transport links between Andover and Winchester. People accepted that not all treatments can take place in Andover and there would be a need for people to go to Winchester.
But the difficulty of getting to Winchester without a car is a real one - and for those with cars, parking is sometimes impossible."

"I am glad that the discussions that began after that meeting have born fruit, and we now have a service from hospital door to hospital door."

Speaking at the launch, Cllr Ian Carr, the Leader of TVBC, referred to the possibility of linking the bus with the transport provided by Neighbourcare, which would take people from their home to the bus stop at the hospital."

Also at the launch was County Councillor Anna McNair-Scott, who chairs the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and TVBC Councillors Pat West and Sandra Hawke.
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