Goodmans 'sincerely regret' misrepresentation allegation on Airfield Site
11 Jul 2008
Following the letter which Sir George received from the Highways Agency, saying that its position on the Andover Airfield had been misrepresented by press coverage based on a press release from the developers Goodmans, Sir George has received a letter expressing regret from Goodmans.
An extract from their letter dated July 10th is below.

"To reiterate, we certainly have not intended to mislead and sincerely regret that the Highways Agency felt that our statement was a misrepresentation of their position. We trust that our subsequent liaison and clarification with them, the County, the Andover Advertiser and yourself indicates our intention and commitment to continue to act in good faith with all information relating to the redevelopment of Andover Airfield."

Sir George said it was important that all those involved in the debate about the future of the airfield should not overstate their case, or put out information that misrepresented the position of other parties.
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Next news: Sir George visits Overton Primary School

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