Andover holds Carnival (1)
13 Jul 2008
The Egyptians
The Egyptians
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John Wayne
John Wayne
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Andover held a New Style Carnival Procession on Sunday July 13th.
"Alex Gillies and the team put this together in a very short time, and they are to be congratulated on bringing back the carnival to the town."

At 2.30 there was a procession of about 20 entrants, judged by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and Sir George.
John Wayne won one of the entries, and a team from Wilkinsons dressed as American Indians won a team event.
The Prince and Princess of Andover arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, and after the presentation of prizes there was music and entertainment in the High St

Publicity from Carnival Website
Hello this is the 'New Style Carnival's' web site.
 Yes... there is going to be a Carnival. Yipeeeeee!!!
This is being organised by a totally new committee which comprises of
local retailers and community minded people.
The New Style Andover Carnival 2008 will take place on.....
2.30pm start

This years carnival's theme is "Multicultural Stage and Screen".
The idea is to be bright and bold and to include as many
community groups,schools and individual entries as possible.
There are to be no floats! It is a walking procession only!
This means that the time and money raised can be used for
the people within the community of Andover.
To make this spectacular and successful we need
everyone to get involved as soon as possible.
There will be opportunities to come along to an
organised workshop for drumming and costume making.
There is a Workshop next Wednesday- click this link for information

The event will finish in the High Street with entertainment, music and food.
 As this is the first of something a little different we hope
to see enthusistic people with fresh ideas.
Browse through the site and see how you can get involved.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you!

(You can tell your friends about the carnival by sending them an
email using the "send this site to a friend" link below)
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