Sir George reports back on Birmingham
3 Oct 2008
The ICC at Birmingham
The ICC at Birmingham
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Along with 16 representatives from NW Hampshire, Sir George spent the beginning of the week in Birmingham, at the Conservative Party Conference.

"Both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party Conferences were overshadowed by world economic events. We had to change our agenda, to enable David Cameron to comment on the surprise decision of Congress to reject the Paulson package; and the language of many of the platform speakers was toned down."
"There was much less party political knockabout, and fewer jokes at the expense of our opponents."
"We had many more people attending the conference than usual - some 10,000 - and because of the change in our fortunes, there were more lobbyists and representatives of commerce and industry wanting to learn more about our policies."
"The agenda had a different emphasis - we had an excellent session on the personalisation of social services, and on how best to support families. I was impressed by Nick Herbert's speech - the Shadow Justice Secretary - on developing alternatives to prison, and of making better use of the time that prisoners spend in jail and equipping them better to cope on discharge. The session on law and order was much calmer than some have been in the past - and there were some excellent visiting speakers such as Kelly Holmes and Terry Pratchett - who spoke movingly about Alzheimers."

"This was our first visit to Birmingham for the Conference. The facilities were good - though they could have been better signposted, and local folk were very welcoming."

Sir George spoke to senior people from Lloyds TSB about jobs in and around Andover, and a join statement will be issued shortly.

Sir George also chaired a Fringe Meeting on Light Rail, a subject he took an interest in when he was Secretary of State for Transport.
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