Sir George visits Amazing Alamein Swop Shop
11 Oct 2008
Gy with Alison Angell
Gy with Alison Angell
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With the help of Alison Angell, from the Recreation and Heritage Department of Hampshire County Council, Amazing Alamein organised a Swop Shop, combined with stalls showing people how to cut down on waste and live healthier lifestyles.

"We are trying to get the residents of the area to come together to help improve the environment in a variety of exciting ways." said John Cockaday, who helped organise the event."

Everything in the Smannell Rd Church Hall was free. People wanting to swap had their goods "priced" by Alison, who gave tokens in return. The tokens could be used to buy goods which others had brought in to swap. The yteddy bear was up for offers.

Also in the Church Hall were stalls to help people cut down on waste. One was demonstrating what to do with food left over from meals; another was promoting the home delivery of fresh farm produce. The Hawk Conservancy was also there promoting interest in wild life, and there was a project showing people how to make their own paper.

"This was a great idea from the Amazing Alamein Environmental Group, and I know all who went came away having learned something new."
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Next news: Sir George talks to Lloyds TSB about jobs in Andover

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