Sir George opens Grateley Station Car Park
31 Oct 2008
Pat West, David Shields , Ruth Humphries, GY Dean Pettit Craig Josey
Pat West, David Shields , Ruth Humphries, GY Dean Pettit Craig Josey
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There will be lots more room for parking at Grateley station now that work to create 130 additional spaces has been completed.

Rupert Walden, South West Trains’ Project Manager, said: “The additional spaces are great news for passengers travelling from Grateley station. The integration of car and train travel is becoming more and more popular so extra
space for parking is a welcome addition to the station’s facilities.”

Sir George Young MP, said: “I am delighted that the capacity at Grateley is being increased in this way – as are commuters and residents in the village. This project is a good example of local residents working through their parish council, their local councillors and their MP to engage in a constructive dialogue with South West Trains to come up with an answer everyone feels comfortable with.”

To complement the works at Grateley station, additional cycle facilities are also being provided and security improvements have also taken place as CCTV cameras have been installed for the first time.

With Sir George at the opening were County Councillor Pat West, and Parish Councillor David Shields.

"Before this extension was built, cars were parked in the roads near the station making life difficult for local residents. This has now stopped. "

Sir George welcomed the additional landscaping of the carpark which is shortly to be carried out, along with the provision of a ticketing machine on the London-bound platform. "I think this is a very well engineered project."

Sir George talked to Rupert Walden about parking at Andover and Whitchurch stations, where there is a need for extra capacity.

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