Sir George speaks on Goodmans announcement of break with Tesco.
4 Nov 2008
"This split was almost inevitable, once Tesco let it be known they were unhappy with the conditions agreed by Goodman's for the site. Goodman's were so anxious to get the approval of TVBC officers for the application that they failed to keep Tesco in the picture, and signed up to conditions which their prospective tenant found too restrictive."

"I urge Goodman's to now abandon the megashed concept, and to revert to the idea of a broad-based, mixed-use Business Park which was what was originally planned, and endorsed last year by Andover Vision. I hope the two campaigns, STOP and GO, will work together for the future of the town."

"I am also happy to play my part as the local MP in getting the jobs which the town needs."

Goodman terminates Andover Airfield contract with Tesco

Goodman today announced it has terminated its contract with Tesco for the Andover Airfield site.
A spokesperson for Goodman said:
"This decision further demonstrates Goodman's commitment to the routeing agreement and restrictions
which are considered necessary by Test Valley Borough Council to protect local roads.
"We are absolutely committed to delivering a high quality business park on our site and trust that the
Council will soon be able to grant a planning permission - a prerequisite to enable us to market the site
and bring forward a development which has been waiting to happen for the last twenty years.
"Tesco, or any other prospective tenant that seeks to come to our site, will still have the opportunity to
take up occupation if they are willing to comply with the planning conditions and legally binding s106
agreement linked to a planning consent."
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