Sir George visits Sorting Office
5 Dec 2008
GY & Andy Duff
GY & Andy Duff
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Every Christmas for the past twelve years, Sir George has visited Andover Sorting Office early in the morning to talk to the postmen and women who deliver the mail.

"Some of them start at 4 am to make sure we get our post on time. With this cold spell, I admire their stamina at these early starts."

"There are fewer letters than there were, but more packets and parcels; and more junk mail which the postmen are obliged to deliver."

Sir George was shown round by Glen Wright, Delivery office Manager, and spoke to many of the postmen and women before they went out on their rounds.

"It was good to catch up with Andy, who used to deliver my mail in Penton Mewsey, and is now delivering on the Walworth Industrial Estate. With flu going round the town, and with the Christmas rush, the office was operating at full stretch."
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Next news: Sir George launches RingGo at Andover Station

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