Oakley Parish Council launches Oakley History Project
21 Feb 2009
Sally Warner & Ros Blackman
Sally Warner & Ros Blackman
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Oakley & Deane Parish Council revived the village from its past with a Reflections Day, held at Oakley Methodist Church.
Organised by Parish Councillor Ros Blackman, and the Parish Clerk Sally Warner, residents were asked to bring along old photographs and relevant documents, which were put on display.

"There was a very good response to this initiative, and it was fascinating talking to the older residents. One recalled the day when a lady committed suicide by jumping down the well. As this was the village's water supply, someone had to be lowered 200 feet down to retrieve the body, before folk could use the water again."

"As a former Transport Secretary, it was interesting to see that Oakley used to have a Railway Station - even though it was half way to Deane. And the photographs of the WI, the Cricket Team, and the old shops were all very evocative. Congratulations to Oakley on this initiative, and for explaining to the present generation more about the village's past"
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