Sir George challenges closure of Whitchurch Delivery Office
21 Mar 2009
Sir George talks to two local residents about the proposed closure
Sir George talks to two local residents about the proposed closure
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Sir George is in touch with Royal Mail, following the announcement that they will close the Whitchurch Delivery Office on May 5th, and transfer operations to Basingstoke.

"This decision appears to have been taken without any consultation with those involved, and it gives no indication of how much money might be saved, and what the impact will be on the quality of service.

The last time they looked at this option in 2005, it was abandoned because of the public protest. At that time, some of the postmen lived in Whitchurch, and they would have had to drive to Basingstoke to do the sorting, and then come back to Whitchurch to do the delivery.

Also the arrangements for collecting registered mail or parcels are not nearly as satisfactory as being able to collect the items from the Whitchurch Delivery Office.

While I was pleased to hear there won't be any compulsory redundancies, I think there are many questions that need to be asked and answered before this should go ahead."

Sir George wrote to Royal Mail on March 12th and awaits a response. In the meantime, many constituents have been in touch, expressing concern and supporting the action he is taking.

Listen to Sir George's interview on Andover Sound

Below is the text of the letter he received.

Royal Mail Basingstoke Hermes House

Priestley Road BAS1NGSTOKE RG249AA

10th March 2009

Dear Sir George

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of Royal Mail's decision to transfer the mail operation at the Whitchurch Delivery Office to Basingstoke.

Faced with full competition and declining mail volumes. Royal Mail constantly reviews the operational efficiency and commercial practicality of all our units. As a result of such a review. a decision has been taken to transfer the operation from Whitchurch, twelve miles to Basingstoke.

The changes will be introduced on Tuesday 5 May and shortly before the relocation takes place, a letter will be sent to all addresses currently served by Whitchurch Delivery Office explaining in detail the move and the new arrangements.

Any customers unable to collect mail from Basingstoke Delivery Office can arrange re­delivery to their home address, at a mutually convenient time and date, either online at www.royalmaiLcom/redelivery or by calling the telephone number on the card notifying them we have a item for them. Alternatively customers can arrange to collect items from a local participating Post Office for a nominal fee.

There will not be any compulsory redundancies as a result of this move and Royal Mail will also reimburse our people for any extra mileage caused by the changes in the their place of work in line with our business policy.

If you need any further clarification on our plans, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Cluster Delivery Office Manager
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