Andover College Capital programme should go ahead, says local MP
17 Apr 2009
In his Budget on Wednesday, I hope the Chancellor will make it clear that Andover College's rebiulding programme can go ahead.

"After telling schools and sixth form colleages how much funding they would receive next year for teaching 16-18 year olds, the Learning and Skills Council, a government quango suddenly changed its mind. It failed to predict the number of students accurately. It has now cut school budgets across the country by up to £350,000 for sixth form colleges and £55,000 for an average school. I want an assurance that local schools and sixth form colleges in NW Hampshire will not have to turn away students next year because of this incompetence."

This latest debacle comes just weeks after the Government froze 144 further education college building projects, including Andover and Sparsholt Colleges

“Just a month after reassuring schools that they would be fully funded, the Government has pulled the rug from under their feet. Because of Whitehall incompetence, schools and colleges are being forced to turn away thousands of sixth formers who are desperate to learn and acquire the qualifications they need to succeed.

“Further education colleges have also been plunged into financial turmoil by having their building projects frozen."

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