Grenville Quilters hold Exhibition
18 Apr 2009
Dee Fenton with Negative Beauty
Dee Fenton with Negative Beauty
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The Grenville Quilters held their 6th exhibition at Grateley Village Hall.

"For a small organisation, the Grenville Quilters produce high quality work which it is a pleasure to look at. It was very helpful to have the craftsmanship explained by the owners of the quilts, and also to get an insight into the thinking behind some of the designs."

Dee Fenton showed Sir George her "Negative Beauty" - the "negative" being derived from the black and white colours that dominate the quilt. Sir George also admired the Ending of Summer.
"Ones spirits are lifted as one goes into the village hall, and is met by this display of colour."

The Grenville Quilters also raise funds for children affected by the Chernobyl Disaster some twenty years ago.

The information below is from the Grateley Village Website
Grenville Quilters
Contact: Cherie Lumsden on 01264-889425

Meet every Tuesday between 10:15 - 12:00 (ish) at Grenville Quilters, Grenville, Streetway Road, Palestine

A club for people who enjoy the age old art of patchwork and quilting. Experience not necessary. All are welcome.

If on a Tuesday morning you gathered together a map and compass, left the boundary of Grateley Village and meandered across the border into Palestine, found your way to Streetway Road and ventured about a third of the way down the road you would find a small cream bungalow set back behind a hedge. You may be surprised on a Tuesday morning to find a rather large assortment of parked cars, if you carefully picked your way through these and came in through the front door you would find a very special group of women.

These women meet every Tuesday morning to enjoy a rather peculiar habit, (sorry I meant hobby). This group of otherwise normal women (well, at least that is what they tell me) spend time and money buying all varieties of cotton fabric, cutting it up and rejoining it to more cotton fabric. If you haven't already guessed they are involved in the age old art of patchwork and quilting. And no we are not all white haired old grannies with rocking chairs. Since the late 70's Patchwork and Quilting has enjoyed a major revival starting in America and England, now world-wide.

Grenville Quilters has been running for about 9 years, we currently have around 13 members ranging in age from 70 plus to 18. We are an in house teaching group and welcome all abilities from the experienced sewer to those who have never YET picked up a needle. We run both in-house workshops and hire Grateley Village Hall for workshops with outside tutors, occasionally we have field trips to fabric stores and exhibitions. If you think you would like to join us, come along and have a cup of coffee and see what we do, who knows crossing that border may open up a whole new experience for you.
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