Sir George meets Manuela
8 May 2009
Sir George with Manuela Wahnon and Alie Paxton
Sir George with Manuela Wahnon and Alie Paxton
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Sir George met Manuela Wahnon, who is campaigning to make Andover a litter free town and has already enlisted the Mayor's support.

"I had heard and read a lot about Manuela, and greatly enjoyed meeting her. I wanted to find out how I could help her campaign."

Sir George is contacting the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, to see if they can provide some backup for Manuela.

"All around us people throw away litter and discard it in such an obscene manner,” Manuela told Sir George.

“My campaign is called Attitude of Gratitude, as we’ve always got something to be grateful for in our lives, so with that in mind, if you pick up one piece of litter a day you can make the world you live in a better place.

“We live in such a beautiful town. I’m not working as I have retired, and it gives me a lot of time to reflect on things around me and where I can do my bit to help those not as blessed as me."

With Sir George and Manuela was Alie Paxton from Simply Health, who have been providing support for Manuela.

PS Manuela needs a paper shredder; if any reader has one they no longer need, please email me on
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