Four villages celebrate at Hawk Conservancy
8 Jul 2000

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The Madding Crowd entertain the audience at the Hawk Conservancy with music from the Village Bands and Quires of the 17th to 19th Century, before the performance of the Hawks on the Hill. This village pageant told the story of the four villages of Quarley, Monxton Amport and Grateley over a thousand years.

Summary from programme.
Once in a thousand years they gather, the people of Monxton, the people of Grateley, the people of Amport and Quarley, once in a thousand
years they come to this place to tell their story.

Together the story tellers play out the great events of their different times. With courage and humour, the ordinary men and women of the
four parishes bear witness to empires, invasions, revolutions and plagues that sweep through the land. Kings and their kingdoms rise and
fall, but the people go on from generation to generation.

And woven through this historical tapestry is another story of a mythical world. A world where strange and powerful creatures make plans,
strike bargains and fight terrible battles A world at once strange and yet strangely familiar. It is the world of The Hawks on the Hill.

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