Celebration of 25 years service on Oakley & Deane Parish Council
14 Aug 2009
Sally Warner GY Ros Blackman
Sally Warner GY Ros Blackman
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The Chairman of Oakley & Deane Parish Council, John Strawbridge, hosted a reception at his home to celebration the completion of 25 years service on the Oakley & Deane Parish Council by Ros Blackman and Sally Warner. Ros Blackman had served on the council for 25 years, including many years as chairman; and Sally Warner has been the parish clerk for the same length of time.

At the reception, John Strawbridge paid tribute to the work of the two of them, and said that those who lived in the villages owed them an enormous debt of gratitude for their outstanding service over many years.

Sir George presented each of them with a rose bowl, and paid his own tribute to their work.

"As the local MP, it is enormously important to have an effective parish council that can communicate the concerns of an area; and I know that running an effective parish council involves an enormous amount of work usually by a small number of people. Ros and Sally are great examples to the rest of the county as to how a good parish council can be run and organised".

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