Sir George talks to Lloyds about Jobs in Andover
10 Nov 2009
Sir George spoke to Lloyds management about the consequences for Andover of the 5000 jobs affected by their recent announcement. "Because of redeployment, offshore employees, and temporary staff, the figure of 5000 translates into 2600 UK jobs which will be gone by 2010"

"50 roles in group operations in Andover are implicated in the changes( a role is a full time job equivalent;I was told there was no risk of redundancy at all, which is a reassurance given all the uncertainty that is around. Charlton Place has 850 roles there across 4 divisions, together with another 200 in another building. This means that, for the majority of staff, there will be no change, and for 50, they may be redeployed."

"I was told that the branches were safe."

"There have been difficult announcements for the town recently by some major employers, and I understand how worried people are. Any job losses are bad news, but the town does seem to be weathering the storm better than other parts of the country; and i hope it won't be too long before the recession comes to an end and people start recruiting again, instead of cutting back."

Press notice below

10 NOVEMBER 2009
Lloyds Banking Group is announcing today a number of changes within its Group Operations, Insurance and Retail divisions. These changes will bring together a number of our heritage business areas.
These changes mean that the total number of affected roles by the end of 2010 is expected to be about 5,000. This is being significantly mitigated by redeployment and the release of contractors, temporary staff and offshore personnel. Taking these mitigating actions into account means there will be a net reduction of about 2,600 permanent jobs across the UK by the end of 2010.
Group Operations
• In Group Operations, 2,820 roles will be affected, including 720 roles being redeployed. In addition, approximately 750 of the total role reductions, including about 550 offshore positions, are expected to be achieved through the release of contractors and temporary staff. Following these changes, there will be a net reduction of 1,350 jobs in Group Operations.
• Within Insurance, 1,190 roles will be affected across the UK. 950 will come from the life, pensions and investments business and 240 from general insurance. Approximately 250 of the role reductions are expected to be achieved through the release of contractors and temporary staff. Therefore, there will be a net reduction of 940 jobs in Insurance.
• Within Mortgage Operations, approximately 950 roles will be affected across the UK as the business is consolidated to seven sites. However, 680 positions will be relocated to a new site or redeployed. Following these changes, there will therefore be a net reduction of 270 jobs in Mortgage Operations.
Lloyds Banking Group is committed to working through these changes with colleagues carefully and sensitively. All affected colleagues have been briefed by their line manager today. The Unions Accord, LTU, GMB and Unite were consulted prior to this announcement and will continue to be consulted throughout the process.
The Group’s policy is to use natural turnover and to redeploy people wherever possible to retain their expertise and knowledge within the Group. Where it is necessary for colleagues to leave the company, it will look to achieve this by offering voluntary severance and by making less use of contractors and agency colleagues. Compulsory redundancies will be a last resort.
The Group is taking a range of measures to significantly mitigate the impact of today's announcement on roles. Approximately 1,000 of the total role reductions
therefore, including about 550 offshore positions, are expected to be achieved through the release of contractors and temporary staff. Additionally, there will be 1,400 redeployed or relocated roles.
Group Operations
Group Operations is at the heart of the Group. It provides a whole range of essential services to ensure the smooth running of the company on a day to day basis. The division ensures the company delivers a high quality service to its customers across the UK. The changes outlined to colleagues today involve IT, collections and recoveries, payment and business services and banking operations roles.
Our Insurance Division is the UK's largest insurer and includes life, pensions, investments and general insurance businesses. The changes announced today involve combining the support functions and systems from both businesses. Areas affected include customer service, strategic change and finance. Colleagues will be briefed about the impact at the local level once discussions with the unions have concluded.
Mark Fisher, Group Integration Director, Lloyds Banking Group said:
“Today marks another important step in bringing our businesses together. In addition, our commitment is to keep colleagues fully informed about our integration plans. We will continue to work closely with our colleagues affected by today's announcement to help them through these changes over the coming year. We have mitigated the impact on positions through redeployment and the release of contractors and temporary staff."

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