Sir George presents Kingsclere Volunteer and Good Citizen Awards
14 Nov 2009
Clive Taylor Denise Allen Gareth Martin GY Ivor Pearce Brenda Stiles David Allwood
Clive Taylor Denise Allen Gareth Martin GY Ivor Pearce Brenda Stiles David Allwood
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Sir George presented the certificates at the Village Club in Kingsclere for the Annual Winners of the Volunteer and Good Citizen Awards. Each year Kingsclere Parish Council award the certificates to those people who stand out and make a difference to the community. "This year was Kingsclere's first as a Quality Parish Council and so this was a special occasion for them. I am grateful to Sheila Thompson, the Parish Clerk for organising the event, and I was impressed by the wide range of activities that were represented in the award ceremony. Kingsclere is obviously a vibrant and resourceful community, and each year a different set of individuals win these certificates. I commend all involved for helping to make Kingsclere such a pleasant place to live."

I am grateful to Sheila Thompson for the citations below

2009 Volunteer and Good Citizen of the Year Awards

Clive Taylor: Good Citizen of the Year

Clive probably has one of the best known faces, and certainly the best-known smile, in Kingsclere. He is employed as a Grounds Maintenance worker, but this does not begin to explain all he does. Clive does his work cheerfully, thoroughly and with great pride in the village. He assists the Parish Council by keeping the Clerk informed of any repairs that are needed or damage that has occurred so that it can keep on top of things, and is always willing to undertake extra duties such as clearing leaves, or cutting back hedges, which are outside his usual remit. Often a casual mention by a passer-by will lead to him carrying out whatever work is needed, in very good time.
However, the bad weather and snow last winter showed just how much Clive does for the village. Apart from clearing snow from around the Health Centre, shops and the houses of vulnerable residents, Clive maintained a programme of gritting at dangerous junctions, keeping the Clerk informed so that supplies of grit could be sustained. This was done in his own time and without pay and was very much appreciated by villagers. It has also been noted that when the lollipop lady wasn’t on duty for some reason during the summer, Clive jumped off his mower and stood in for her, earning the gratitude of parents and children alike.
Clive actually received three nominations: from the Parish Clerk, Sheila Thompson; Emma Rivers, and Sharon Newport and several others suggested him without a formal nomination, which shows how many people notice and appreciate what he does. A very-deserved award indeed.

Denise Allen: Volunteer of the Year

Denise has been Chairman of the Garden Club for many years now and is the expert voice on matters horticultural and floral in the village. She is always happy to share knowledge and advice with anyone who asks, and is keen to promote garden-related activities. Denise has given demonstrations of flower-arranging, which have always been popular and well-attended. In 2009, Denise organised an excellent flower festival in the church which attracted a great deal of attention. This involved a great deal of commitment and coordination and Denise was, as always, very careful to ensure that gratitude and thanks were properly expressed to those involved.
Denise was nominated by the Garden Club.

David Allwood: Volunteer of the Year

David, also known as Grey Owl, has been a unit helper for six years with 3rd Kingsclere Brownies, who have nominated him for this award. He is also the District Treasurer, a role he carries out with great diligence. David has thrown himself wholeheartedly into all aspects of Brownie life, showing a particular aptitude for matters culinary! He helps with crafts and games, and as a qualified Dance Instructor, he has run ‘Come Dancing’ evenings for the girls. David has attended several pack holidays, when he does everything possible to ensure the success of the holiday, even sleeping outside the Brownie house in a tent on one occasion. The fact that he is also a tester for Brownie badges, such as Green Cross Code, Water Safety Code and Country Code, shows the level of commitment David has given and he is very good at encouraging the girls when they are working on activities outside their comfort zones.
A well-deserved award.

Gareth Martin: Volunteer of the Year

Gareth is one of those people who is absolutely necessary to any small organisation. He works really hard at whatever is needed to ensure the success of the Photographic Club of which he was a founding member and is missed on the rare occasions when he isn’t at a meeting. He is the only Treasurer the club has had since its inception and he works very hard to obtain grants and raise funds, so as to keep the club up to date with developments in technology. Gareth has organised the annual programme of speakers and events, and two very successful village photographic exhibitions, most recently just last month. He is described as ‘the heart and soul’ of the club and it is a pleasure to see him awarded this certificate, for which he was nominated by the Photographic Club.

Ivor Pearce: Volunteer of the Year

Ivor was elected Chairman of the local branch of the Royal British Legion in November 1996, since when he has served with enthusiasm and commitment. Ivor attends all parades, especially the annual Remembrance Parades and services, both in Kingsclere and in Ecchinswell, where he has been responsible for reading the roll call of those who lost their lives in the two world wars, which he has done with dignity and respect. Although Ivor wins this award for his work with the Royal British Legion, which nominated him, he is also remembered for his efforts in helping his wife Molly with her charitable work. A deserved recipient of this award.

Brenda Stiles: Volunteer of the Year

Not surprisingly, almost all the recipients of these awards have been nominated for their work with people in the village, so it is a pleasure to be able to make an award to Brenda Stiles, who has been nominated for her work in helping sick and injured wildlife. Although Brenda regards this as her hobby, she has an extensive knowledge of how to help and perhaps even more important, who to go to for help when she needs it, and her reach extends as far as Windsor, Bracknell and Reading. Her aim is always to use her knowledge, patience and skills to restore to health and release back in to the wild those injured animals and birds which come to her. Her work is an asset to the village and to local conservation, and it is gratifying to be able to make this award to her. Brenda was nominated by Diana Tait.

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