Twinings - my aim is to ensure no one loses their job, and that Twinings invests in the town
20 Jan 2010
I take very seriously the potential loss of any jobs in the town and understand the uncertainty faced by my constituents who work for Twinings. I have been in regular contact with the company to secure the best possible outcome.

I believe this is the right approach; indeed it is the one adopted by TVBC and the USDAW Regional Organiser, who was speaking on Andover Sound on Friday January 15th.

We all need to engage with the company during the statutory consultation period which is underway. We need to explore the scope for flexibility in their proposals, to minimise the number of jobs lost – and if possible avoid any redundancies; and to maximise investment in and future commitment to the town.

I believe that Twinings have shown commitment to the town since they have been here; that they are good employers; and they have been generous with their support for the voluntary sector. They need to take some difficult commercial decisions to remain competitive and continue to trade profitably. They do not deserve some of the criticism that has been levelled at them, which is likely to be counter-productive

My commitment to promoting employment and prosperity in the town is total and I shall continue to fight for jobs in the town.

The campaign to protect jobs should be broad based, with the MP and representatives of the workforce engaged in serious discussions with the company, and with local people showing their strong feelings about the proposals. What is important is that we should all be pulling in the same direction, and not waste energy in criticising each other.
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