Sir George presses Twinings on Jobs
12 Feb 2010
Sir George Young held a meeting on Thursday (Feb 11th) with Marcus Cotter-Stone, International Supply Director at Twinings.

"After the end of the formal consultation period, I wanted to find out what the company's plans were and also to let them know of the strong views in the town, which I share, about the potential loss of jobs."

At the meeting, Sir George asked the company to explore every possible option to keep jobs in the town. He was reassured that the Company would remain open to discussions and would be active in considering how to save jobs. In the meantime, Sir George was told that employees had accepted the financial terms that were on offer for any employee who had to leave as a result of redundancy.

Sir George was also reassured that the company would fund the retraining of those who might lose their jobs, to give them the skills they need to find alternative employment.

“Twining are grateful for the support they are receiving from Test Valley Borough Council and remain wholly committed to the town.”

“My job as the local MP is to campaign vigorously for jobs in the town and this I will continue to do”

Sir George has been in regular contact with the company since last November, when Twining announced its proposals to close its plant in Newcastle and concentrate UK production in Andover, where they plan to spend £6 million to upgrade facilities.

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