Thalidomide Trust thanks MP's
26 Feb 2010
Along with MP's from all parties who campaigned on behalf of thalidomide sufferers, Sir George has been thanked for helping to secure a better deal from the Government - see below

National Advisory Council to
The Thalidomide Trust

Geoff Adams-Spink Daphne Allan
Mikey Argy - Chair Freddie Astbury Nick Dobrik
Dawn Gregory-Smith Sue Kent
Guy Tweedy
Philio Williams

Rt Hon Sir George Young MP House of Commons
London SW1A OAA
Dear Sir George

Please reply to:
1 Eaton Court Road Colmworth Business Park Eaton So con
St Neots
Cambridgeshire PE198ER
Date: 18th February 2010

We, the UK thalidomide campaign team, are writing to express our profound gratitude to peers and members of the Commons who have backed our campaign to secure support from the British Government.
As many of you will know, the government has confirmed a three year support package for British thalidomide survivors amounting to some £20M. When the devolved administrations follow suit, the final amount will be slightly higher.
It is fair to say that without the support of British parliamentarians in both chambers and from all parties, this campaign would not have reached the rapid and successful conclusion that it has. We were relentless in bombarding politicians with letters throughout the campaign and we received your unqualified support and assistance. We are most fortunate in this country to benefit from a supportive political class and a sympathetic press. The results are clear to see.
The package recently announced by the Health Minister, Mike O'Brien, will enable many thalidomiders to afford the adaptations that they so desperately need in order to avoid further damage to their bodies. We fully expect that this 'pilot' will be made permanent for the lifetime of thalidomide survivors in the UK - their health needs can only increase.
Once again, our sincere thanks for the part that you have played in helping to bring about this much needed solution.
Yours sincerely,

Mikey Argy NAC Chair

Nicholas Dobrik NAC Member

Guy Tweedy
NAC Deputy Chair

Geoff Adams-Spink NAC Member

The National Advisory Council is set up pursuant to Clause 17 of the Deed of Trust dated 10lh August 1973 to advise the Trustees of the Thalidomide Trust, which is registered with the Charity Commissioners of England and Wales as The Thalidomide Children's Trust Registered Charity No. 266220

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