Charity recognises Sir George's work on Home Improvements
1 Mar 2010
GY with Baroness Andrews
GY with Baroness Andrews
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On March 1st at the House of Commons, the Home Improvement Agency Awards for 2009 were awarded. These went to home improvement agencies and those who worked for them, who have helped improve life for those on low incomes or with a disability who live in their own homes.

This year, a special recognition award was given to Sir George, who has been chairman of the Foundations Independent Living Trust since it started in 2003. This charity operates a hardship fund, which has helped many of the most vulnerable home improvement agency clients to stay in their own homes.

"In the last six years, the hardship fund has donated £250,000 to help around 500 vulnerable people with essential building repairs, aids, adaptations, essential items, equipment, services or security measures required to address risks to the safety, health and wellbeing of the client or to the building structure of the home".

The award to Sir George was presented by Baroness Andrews who was, until recently, a Minister at Communities & Local Government with responsibility for home improvement agencies.

"I was very moved when Kay Andrews presented me with this award, recognising the work I have done for the Foundations Independent Living Trust over the past seven years. I am standing down from the Trust and hope Baroness Andrews will take over the chairmanship later in the year. I have long been interested in home improvement work, and hope to keep in touch with the movement in the years ahead".
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