Equitable Life Policyholders lobby Sir George
26 Mar 2010
Eric Rivron & GY
Eric Rivron & GY
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At a meeting which Sir George held to meet his constituents at Test Valley Golf Club in Overton, a representative from EMAG (Equitable Members Action Group) presented Sir George with a petition.

"I have taken an interest in the Equitable Life saga, speaking in the House of Commons about this and I am dismayed at the lack of progress that has been made over recent years".

"While I welcome the fact that the Government has finally admitted failings and will compensate the victims of the Equitable Life fiasco, it has torn up the Ombudsman's timetable for compensation, and there is no guarantee when policyholders will receive any payments for the losses they have suffered. I am also dismayed at the suggestion that payments are to be means tested, ignoring the conclusion of the Public Administration Select Committee that 'Compensation is not a matter of charity, but a requirement of justice to redress a wrong'".
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