Headley Community Association raise Funds
22 May 2010
Richard Bayly Peter Hemmings and GY
Richard Bayly Peter Hemmings and GY
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The Funding Challenge
The Funding Challenge
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Headley Community Association is raising funds so the shop and post office can move from its present site to the chapel in Thornford Road.

"They need to raise about £50,000, and they got off to a good start with the fundraising on Saturday".

Richard Bayly, vice-chairman and Peter Hemmings, secretary of the Community Association showed Sir George the plans for converting the chapel, and Sir George said he would help in whatever way he could.

"At a time when villages are losing their shops and post offices, Headley have done well to launch this project in its present site, and I am sure that they will raise the necessary funds to enable it to move to this larger building".

Newsletter from Community Shop below

Headley with Ashford Hill
Community Shop

As promised in last month’s report, the old Baptist Chapel in Thornford Road opened its doors to the public for the first time in several years, on Saturday morning, May 22nd, for an open morning and table top sale.

The first purpose of the morning was to allow people to see inside the building, look at our plans for its development and discuss ideas. Everyone was struck by the lovely interior of the chapel, and its warm atmosphere.

Secondly we hoped to raise funds towards our goal of £50000, the amount necessary to allow the shop to operate in the chapel. This may seem a huge amount, but in moving to different premises we have to comply with many new regulations regarding energy saving measures, disability access and health and safety requirements. To move the Post Office alone will cost upwards of £20000.

The morning was a great success, with a steady stream of visitors, and £500 was raised for our development fund. Every little helps! Thank you to all those people who came and supported us, and particular thanks to Maurice and his team, who organised the table top sale and refreshments. Thank you also to Fanny and her team, who provided bacon butties for breakfast and pork rolls for lunch, and who donated the takings to the fund.

We were very pleased to be supported by local councillors, and also by Sir George Young, MP, who despite his busy schedule found time to visit the chapel during the morning. You may remember that Sir George officially opened the Community Shop nearly two years ago, and he continues to follow our progress with interest.

As part of our fund raising drive we are hoping to raise money through donations and interest free loans. We have it on good authority that we are more likely to be awarded grants from charities and external sources if we are seen to be helping ourselves within the community. If you could help in this way we would be very grateful. Forms for loans and donations are available from the shop, or from Peter Hemmings or Richard Bayly.

We also intend to hold other fund raising events. Several ideas have already been put forward. If you have any ideas and would like to be involved, please do contact any member of the committee.

We are very grateful to Cheam School for their continued support. Not only have their maintenance staff taken on the job of keeping the grass at the chapel cut, but we have also been given a complete kitchen, which has already been installed in the chapel. Thanks also to John Nobes for the gift of a fridge. We are continually delighted by the thoughtfulness and generosity of people in our community.

Thank you to all the people who donated items to the shop to be sold at the “shop table”. We are continuing to collect unwanted goods, so please do bring along to the shop anything which is no longer useful to you but may be sold to someone who has need of it. This will help our fund raising.

The second Annual General Meeting of the Shop Association was held in May. The shareholders all endorsed the continued efforts to make the move to the chapel a reality. We would very much like to increase the number of shareholders, who are entitled to have their say in the running of the Association, currently for a one off payment of £10 for one share. If you would like to become a shareholder, please ask in the shop for an application form.

Best wishes to everyone


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