Sir George visits Trilogy
28 May 2010
Tony with Sir George
Tony with Sir George
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Continuing his visits to local firms, Sir George visited Trilogy in Focus Way on the Walworth Business Park. Trilogy have been in Andover for over twenty years, and employ fifty people. They supply 'talkback' equipment to broadcasters, enabling reporters in the field to be in constant contact with programme producers. During the recent general election, their technology was used to feed the BBC's Election Night broadcast with up to date results.

Trilogy also are sub-contractors in the defence field, specialising in secure communications equipment.

"It was a real pleasure to go round Trilogy, and to hear of the foreign exchange they are earning by exporting the bulk of their output. It was also good to hear that, here in Andover, is a small company that is supplying world beating technology and winning valuable contracts".

Sir George said he would be happy to try to arrange a visit by a Defence Minister so ministers could see at first hand the work that was being done. Sir George also congratulated the firm on winning a Queen's Award for Export last year.

Sir George was shown round by the Chief Executive, Mike Knight, and experienced at first hand the equipment they made by trying it out.
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