Whitchurch Pupils send their Friend to School
9 Jul 2010
Pupils with their Paper Scarf
Pupils with their Paper Scarf
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Sir George went to Whitchurch Church of England Primary School to see the paper scarf the children had put together to promote the campaign to 'Send my friend to school'.

This campaign draws attention to the millions of children who don't attend school, and who thereby miss out on education, but also the friendship that goes with attending a school. The scarf will be sent to Sir George's office in Andover, and he has promised to present it to the Prime Minister. 'A lot of thought has gone into this scarf, which is linked with the football world cup. The scarves have the flags of many of the countries in the competition, and the other parts of the scarf underline the themes of the campaign. I commend the school on the work that has gone into the scarf, but also to the campaign itself.'
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