Sir George visits Pelican Centre
1 Aug 2000

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Sir George visits the Pelican Centre at Basingstoke Hospital, and Prof Bill Heald explains the surgery that Brendan Moran is undertaking on a patient in the theatre next door to the Tuition Centre. Sir George was shown round by the Chief Executive, Dianne Hayter and Dr John Fowler, the Medical Director.
"Over 90% of cancer cures result from surgery, and the Pelican Centre leads the way in promoting techniques that dramatically improve survival rates from cancer surgery"
Sir George said he was proud of the reputation that Bill Heald and his team had established for Basingstoke, and was delighted that the Pelican Centre was helping other surgeons understand how to do their jobs even better.
Precision surgical techniques can produce dramatically improved results.
Surgical specialists in other countries have made significant advances n prostate surgery. The world standard is now 10 years ahead of the UK.
Britain has the lowest survival rates for colorectal cancer in Western Europe.
Only 38% are cured; 50% of the
rectal cancer patients still receive
permanent colostomies
However, the technique for rectal cancer pioneered at the North Hampshire Hospital has yielded the best results in the world. 68% of all patients are cured, and less than 10% need permanent colostomies. Local recurrence occurs in only 3% of cases with early detection before distant spread.
Chemo and radio therapy have serious side-effects. More careful selection, planning and timing is needed so that they are applied only to those patients really likely to benefit.
Many of these successful techniques have been pioneered by Professor Bill Heald who has given teaching demonstrations in 55 cities across four continents. The resulting figures from Sweden show a 50% reduction in both local cancer recurrence and permanent colostomies for the entire population (1.8 million) of Stockholm. This is the very first time that a surgical teaching initiative has been shown to benefit an entire population.
The Pelican Centre will:
* build on the existing world-class teams in bowel and liver cancer
* progressively add specialists in other pelvic cancers
* maintain rigorous standards in auditing surgical specimens,
cure rates and patients post-operative quality of life
* encourage regular visits to and from other international
specialist centres
* develop a second opinion service that will have the confidence of the medical profession
* provide precision surgical teaching facilities
* offer patients and their families friendly and reassuring
surroundings for diagnosis and consultation
* ensure that patients are fully informed and empowered
* Only state of the art standards will be acceptable at The Pelican Centre.
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