Zippers opens in Guild Hall
3 Sep 2010
GY at Zippers
GY at Zippers
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The ground floor of the Guildhall in Andover's High Street has been converted into a restaurant by Zippers. It formally opens on Monday 6 September, but the Mayor of Test Valey, Sir George and local councillors were given a sneak preview.

"The last time I was in this room was during the hustings in the 2005 general election. It has been transformed into a very attractive restaurant. The ceiling has been raised, air conditioning and good lighting has been put in, and the whole decor is an enormous improvement. People can eat outside if the weather is fine, and I think this will make better use of an important building in the town. It has also been improved without expense to the Council Tax payer, and the Borough Council still own the building, on which Zippers have a lease. I believe it will also bring that part of Andover into use in the evenings, when frankly it can be pretty dead."

Zippers will do takeaway as well as sit down meals.
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Next news: Queens Award presented to Andover Young Carers

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