Cyclists train for Young Carers Ride
22 Feb 2011
Chris Reilly Lorena Burlison Darren Stiles GY
Chris Reilly Lorena Burlison Darren Stiles GY
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In April 2011, 3 local lads, Ben, Chris and Darren are doing a charity cycle ride from John O’Groats to Lands End (Monday 25th April to Thursday 28th April), to raise funds and awareness for Andover Young Carers. This ride would normally take over a week, but they will be completing the route in four days. The distance will be approximately 300 miles per day. This is the first cycle ride that they have ever done and are currently undertaking fitness training with Alternative Fitness.

Sir George dropped in to see Chris and Darren training and to wish them well. "Andover Young Carers is a great charity and i hope the three riders will raise a useful sum to ehlp thwem carry on their work."

Local businesses are also supporting the event, such as Just Bikes and Andover Towbars. All companies helping and supporting the event will have their logo displayed on the lads clothing and on the side of the mini bus during the entire event.

Lorena Burlison, Manager of AYC, will be driving the mini bus for the duration along with Gina Holton, Andover Young Carers Supervisor and Jacquiline Milton.

AYC have also set up the following Just Giving Link for donation

About Andover Young Carers

Andover Young Carers is an independent charity which offers respite and support for children and young people age 8 to 18 years who often have very little or no childhood because of their significant caring responsibilities for a parent, parents or sibling with a long term illness, terminal illness or disability; also children and young people who are affected by their parents drug or alcohol addictions, mental health problems and domestic violence.

As young carers children and young people have a different life, with little or indeed no chance of being just children.

AYC aims to be the voice and support for children and young people with caring responsibilities. Andover Young Carers now supports over 100 Young Carers.

AYC's vision continues to promote a culture in which children and young people are safeguarded by the prevention of undertaking inappropriate care of any family member. They believe that Young Carers should have the same life chances as their peers through a strong voice, safe quality support, inclusive rights and a whole family support.
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