Sir George opens Coopers Chase
17 Jun 2011
Sir George with the Plaque
Sir George with the Plaque
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Sir George formally opened Cooper's Chase, a £1.8m building in Enham Alamein, owned by the Enham Trust. People with a disability, who go to Enham for one of their courses will be able to stay in Cooper's Chase. Enham run courses helping those with a disability to achieve independence and they will stay in rooms specifically equipped to cater for disabled people, with wheelchair access throughout and with surfaces of variable heights. The Chairman of the Enham Trust, Rod Chamberlain, thanked all those who had made the building possible, particularly the Worshipful Company of Coopers who had provided much of the finance so the building could go ahead, hence the name of the development. The building is on two levels but, because it is built on a slope, each level is able to access space outside. Before he unveiled the plaque, Sir George complimented Enham on being able to make progress with an ambitious project such as this one, against a challenging background for those needing finance, and said he was proud to be Enham's local MP. "Many of my colleagues at Westminster know of the heroic work which Enham do, and I bask in their reflected glory." He also complimented Enham for the seminar which they led in the Speaker's House earlier in the week, outlining how civil society might react to the recession and seek to do more with less.
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Next news: Sir George backs Breast Cancer Campaign

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