Shipton Bellinger School discusses World War 11
8 Jul 2011
Visitors and Red Class
Visitors and Red Class
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Miss Field (classteacher of 'Red Class', 8 year olds) invited five guests to tell the children at Shipton Bellinger Primary School about their memories of that era of World War II and 1940s.

Ron Berry, a veteran from World War 2, and Stuart Kersley, the priest at the village church joined Sir George for a series of exchanges.

The regular curriculum which the children had followed was along these lines:
1. What was the Second World War? When and where did it take place?
2. What was the Blitz?
3. Why were children evacuated?
4. What was it like to be an evacuee?
5. What did people eat during the war?
6. In what other ways might the war have affected people?
7. What were children's experiences of the war?
8. What it was like to be a child living in this area in World War II?
9. How did the Second World War affect children who lived in this locality?
10. What has been done since to prevent another world war?)

"I was impressed by how much the children knew, and by their interest in this important decade in our history."
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