Could you be a Police Commissioner?
1 Feb 2012
I want people to come forward and be a candidate for Hampshire's new Police Commissioner.
“I want a top candidate and not necessarily a politician for the new £85,000 a year job, which is up for election later this year.
The new role's aim is to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service by holding the Chief Constable to account.
Other parts of the job include setting the force budget of £300 million and regularly engaging with the public and communities.
"This is an exciting and powerful role within Hampshire and it needs to have the best people standing for election to it,".
"Ultimately a Police Commissioner can dismiss the Chief Constable, so it's a big deal.
"The winning candidate will have an important role in setting police priorities. That could mean focusing on bobbies on the beat or whether enough is being done to combat burglary and anti-social behaviour. It might mean taking a special interest in how crime affects women. It's an open book for the person who takes on the role.
"So far former Home Secretaries, police officers, members of the legal profession, journalists and military leaders have all expressed an interest in the role, but that doesn't mean other professions are excluded. We want to hear from anyone who feel they have the skills and experience."
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