Eagle Stolen from Memorial Garden
13 Feb 2012
The Eagle
The Eagle
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Below is an announcement by the Army Air Museum at Middle Wallop

"I am emailing to ask you to make public knowledge the theft of a memorial Eagle from the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop. The theft took place on Friday evening and saw thieves remove a valuable bronze Eagle which was the centre piece of the memorial garden at the museum. The police have been informed and have taken such details as they require. If you could give this theft some exposure on your news channel the staff at the museum would be very grateful. "

Sir George said he was sorry to hear of this, as the eagle was the focal point of thje recently opened memorial garden. "We are introducing legisation this month to clamp down on thefts such as these, by banning the payment of cash by scrap metal merchants for what they buy"
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Next news: AXA replies to Sir George on Chantry Centre

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