St Mary Bourne consider Parish Plan
20 Apr 2012
GY Andrew Shegog Katie Dixon
GY Andrew Shegog Katie Dixon
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"I commend St Mary Bourne Parish Council for the initiative they have taken to help prepare a plan for the parish, covering the wide variety of services which villagers use." At the exhibition, there were manned stands representing education, health, housing, leisure and the environment. Villagers were encouraged to fill in forms indicating, amongst other things, which services they would be sorry to lose. "St Mary Bourne is an enormously resourceful village, and they are looking ahead to make sure that it remains a very attractive place in which to live and work. As the local MP, I am very interested in the outcome of the consultation, and would like to add value to the work of the long term planning group, which is being abley led by Katie Dixon and Andrew Shegog.

Invitation reproduced below
Dear Sir George

The Parish Council of St Mary Bourne is looking to its future and has asked a small group to prepare a plan for the parish to cover the next 15 to 20 years. The plan will cover all aspects of parish life from its environment, supporting local businesses, the needs of the young and old, to housing requirements and more.

Having completed an audit of the existing facilities there is to be a parish consultation open meeting on Friday 20 April from 4 – 8 pm. This event will give all the parish the opportunity to assess the present facilities, and to come forward with suggestions of how it would like the parish to develop over the next 15 – 20 years and what aspects of existing life it would like preserved.

As someone who has an interest in the affairs of the parish please do come to the event. Your views and suggestions will be well received by those who are putting together the long term plan.

Katie Dixon on behalf of

Andrew Shegog
Chair of the SMB Long Term Planning Group
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