Sir George backs Out of the Blue Campaign in Tadley
6 May 2012
GY with Andy and Rhian Sebbage
GY with Andy and Rhian Sebbage
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Tadley Band
Tadley Band
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A May Bank Holiday event launched the 'Out of the Blue' campaign, to help the Sebbage Family with legal and travel costs.

"Rhian and Andy's son Robert was stabbed to death by a taxi driver in Zakynthos in Greece last July, while he was on holiday with fellow former Community College pupils. Some of them were stabbed in the attack, and are likely to have to attend the trial as witnesses".

Stelios Morfis has been charged with the murder, and the Sebbage Family and other families want to travel to Greece to attend the trial, and to be represented by a Greek lawyer, not least to defend the reputation of their son Robert.

The Out of the Blue campaign is aimed at raising £60,000, and some £4,000 has already been raised.

"£1,800 was raised in Sainsbury's last weekend by volunteers offering to help people pack their bags. Many people gave substantial sums without needing their bags packed, which shows the breadth of support for this campaign in Tadley".

In addition to the Lads v Dads Football Match at the Barlows Park Sports Complex in Silchester Road, there were a range of other events and attractions, including the Tadley Band playing during the afternoon. Other events are being organised such as a Bristol to Reading sponsored walk, and a rugby match.

"I know the Sebbage Family will have been heartened by the number of people who attended the event on Sunday, and by the sum of money which will have been raised. As the local MP, I have given them my full support, and I am in correspondence with Foreign & Commonwealth Office Ministers to find out the likely date of the case, and to make sure that they get all the support to which they are entitled".

"It was good to see Andy Sebbage up and about, after his recent visit to hospital pending a heart bypass".

"I was delighted to hear from Andy that they raised over £10,000 on the day – this is a great start to their campaign".
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