Sir George welcomes extra carriages for Hampshire commuters
9 May 2012
"I was delighted to read the announcement by the Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, that capacity on South West Trains services travelling into Waterloo is to be boosted by an extra 40 carriages in the morning, and 37 carriages in the evening. I travel regularly from Andover to Waterloo and, by the time the train reaches Basingstoke, passengers boarding often have to stand. Adding these extra carriages to the Waterloo to Exeter line will mean more seats for passengers and the easing of congestion.

The new coaches will come into service between March and December 2014, and six mainline PM peak services on the Exeter and Basingstoke service routes from Waterloo will be strengthened".

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Next news: Upper Clatford & Anna Valley hold May Fayre

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