Local MP praises Overton Kidney Donor
17 May 2012
Leader of the House of Commons, Sir George Young, was asked at Business Questions in Parliament what the Government was doing to promote organ donation - see Hansard extract below.

“I didn’t know I was going to be asked about this, but I had read about Nicholas Crace’s generosity that morning and took the opportunity to thank him for what he has done”

“I am asking him up to the House to meet Glyn Davies MP who is spearheading a campaign on organ donation.”

Glyn Davies (Montgomeryshire) (Con): There is an encouraging increase in the number of organs being made available for transplant, particularly organs such as kidneys, from live donors. Today, an 83-year-old man made a successful kidney donation. Will the Leader of the House ensure an early opportunity for us to discuss this matter and build on the willingness of these wonderful people to donate during their lifetimes?

Sir George Young: It so happens that Nicholas Crace, the man to whom my hon. Friend refers, is a constituent of mine living in Overton, and I applaud what he has done. I hope that all hon. Members carry a donor card so that if any accident did befall them, they might be of some help to others. I cannot promise an early debate on this important issue, but again it might be a subject for a Backbench Business Committee or Adjournment debate.

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