The Scary Guy comes to Andover
18 May 2012
GY with the Scary Guy ( GY is on the left)
GY with the Scary Guy ( GY is on the left)
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The Scary Guy
The Scary Guy
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Cllr Phil North and Ivor Evans, formerly Head of Housing Initiatives at Testway Housing, invited the Scary Guy to Winton School, to give a presentation on how he might address bullying and anti-social behaviour in Andover by working through the schools.

The presentation was attended by local councillors, police officers and PCSO's, and representatives from Testway Housing as well as teachers.

"Scary has a compelling video, which will grab the attention of teenagers; and he has a narrative that reinforces his message. I hope he will be able to come back and do more work in the town."

Who is The Scary Guy?

The Scary Guy is an inspirational speaker who changed his name from Earl Kenneth Kaufman to ‘The Scary Guy’ in 1998 and now focuses on bringing to young people a message about the consequences of what they do or say.

He campaigns around the world and has delivered his message to over 7 million people so far, teaching them the skills to deal with negative anger and behaviour together with hate and violence that they sometimes find themselves facing in society.

What does The Scary Guy do?

Scary says; ‘ I teach people how to maintain their integrity and never to compromise their power in the face of someone else’s rotten energy, by reacting to the words they hear and becoming as negative as their aggressor, going to battle and calling it defence, or simply living as a victim of what they have heard.’

Scary runs a range of unique workshops that address issues such as becoming involved in Anti Social behaviour (ASB), bullying, gangs and violent crime and help stop young people becoming involved in these negative activities and give young people the opportunity to think about how and what they do impacts on other people. The skills they take away from participating in the workshops help them to understand how to stand up for themselves without resorting to violence and to help them become positive role models for people younger than themselves.

Scary is unique and a leading expert in human behaviour and communication.
He is regularly showcased in media worldwide.
He has achieved enormous success in schools, communities and corporations around the world.
His programmes are designed and delivered across the age range from primary through to secondary school and college, teacher in service, parent and community and corporations.
Scary teaches a ‘life long message’. He delivers the tools for every individual to create positive change in behaviours at core level

How does The Scary Guy work?

The Scary Guy delivers a sequential emotional education programme. Although the final programme can be tailored to the individual school’s perceived requirements in general the programme follows a series of phases. The first phase is the Prejudice Elimination Show. This includes The Awareness Step of how we all participate in dysfunctional behaviours (ASB, Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Teenage Pregnancies, Anger, Bullying, Name-Calling, Emotional Hostage Taking, Physical Assault, Violence and Verbal Assault) at some level; without singling any one person out. This show alone will have a dramatic and lasting impact on all those who are present.
This is followed by The Circle of Courage. This is the understanding phase and takes individuals through the process of words as energy and the reality of how people are involved in a constant cycle of reaction and the attached Negative Emotions and Behaviours allowing every individual to understand their Power to Choose.

The programme is for everybody. But be prepared to confront your own prejudices!!
It is beneficial for all school staff to attend the shows with their students. The involvement of parents is also encouraged as it offers a structure for the parent and child to work together on using the theories and concepts presented to begin to effect change in their community.

What are the Outcomes?

There are many different groups, initiatives and programmes that focus on the individual problematic behaviours that we see exhibited today. The fundamental difference to The Scary Guy and his programme is that he does not separate out any of the negative behaviours. The theories and concepts that Scary presents are based in the empowerment of every individual to create their own powerful mind. The impact of this is that as an individual, they are then capable of making responsible choices in all aspects of their life.

Scary leaves people with the skills to empower, positively change and to make choices in all aspects of their lives.

Other community groups and services (e.g. Police) are encouraged to become involved.

To save just one child from a life of crime or drugs or violence will not only be his safeguard it will also safeguard against years of negative expenditure and resources trying to rehabilitate.

How is the message Sustained?

Curriculum accompanies each stage of the programme delivered. It is presented as a lesson plan with comprehensive teachers’ notes and student worksheets. The curriculum has full copyright attached and is for use with that individual schools participating in conjunction with the presentations that they receive.

A key element to sustaining the message is achieved by ensuring the attendance of teaching staff at all stages of the programme. The theories and concepts that Scary delivers are extremely powerful and have a proven long-term residual effect for each individual. The role of teaching staff is to redirect the students back to the message and teaching when they come forward with questions or difficulties.
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