Military Wives sing at Westminster
23 May 2012
The Salisbury Plain Military Wives Choir
The Salisbury Plain Military Wives Choir
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Below is the invitation from my Parliamentary neighbour, Claire Perry MP, to a special one-off performance by the Salisbury Plain Military Wives Choir in Portcullis House, Westminster.

"Inspired by Gareth Malone’s efforts, the Choir has quickly formed into a highly professional group and has recently sung for the Queen on her visit to Wiltshire and joined Gary Barlow on the recording of the special Jubilee song.

The group hails from the Military towns of Salisbury Plain in my Constituency and their efforts are particularly notable given that many service personnel from this area are serving with the 12th Mechanized Brigade, which has recently taken over as the lead formation of British troops in Afghanistan. Not only will this be a great performance but also it will be a chance to show our appreciation for the efforts of our Armed Forces. "

I went along to listen, along with colleagues from all Parties. This was a very professional group - well-disciplined as one might expect!. Many of them had husbands serving in Afghanistan, but the pressure they must be under never showed. I enjoyed every moment. Many congratulations to Claire for organising the event, giving the wives an opportunity to see the House of Commons, and MP's to listen to some great singing.

Below is the item from Claire's website

Claire Perry, the MP for the Devizes Constituency, was delighted to host the Salisbury Plain Military Wives choir for a special performance at the Houses of Parliament this week. MPs, Peers and Westminster staff enjoyed the musical extravaganza from more than 40 ladies, many of whom have husbands currently serving with 12th Mechanised Brigade, the current British lead formation in Afghanistan.

MOD Minsters including Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Defence, attended the performance and Andrew Robathan, Minister for Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans was persuaded to join the group for a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.

Commenting, Claire said:

"I was so delighted that the Salisbury Plain Military Wives choir were able to perform at The Houses of Parliament. It was such a treat for all of us and the quality of the singing and the whole performance was superb. It must be very tough when a loved one is away serving for a long period of time, and the Choir has been a brilliant way for women to support each other and sing their hearts out. I would encourage everyone to go to see them."

For more information about the Salisbury Plain Military Wives Choir please email

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